Friday, October 18, 2013

Cultivating Focus

Although their target audience is teachers of younger students, these short video clips are certainly applicable to law students!

Daniel Goldman, author of Emotional Intelligence, talks about the importance of cultivating focus in the classroom. I really like what he says about the emotional atmosphere of a classroom and how distraction is the new normal. For international students, creating a good learning atmosphere and limiting distractions seem to me to be especially important.

Daniel Goleman on the Importance of Cultivating Focus 

  1. Daniel Goleman: The Emotional Atmosphere of a Classroom Matters (1:10)
  2. Daniel Goleman: Three Kinds of Focus (1:33)
  3. Daniel Goleman: Distraction is the New Normal (1:24)
  4. Daniel Goleman: Breathing Buddies (1:48)
  5. Daniel Goleman: Attention is Like a Muscle (1:16)
  6. Daniel Goleman: The Importance of Downtime (1:34)
  7. Daniel Goleman: Parents Teach Focus (1:34)