Monday, January 7, 2013

Conferences and Meetings

Happy New Year!

As the new semester ramps up, I've been looking at avenues for professional development. I think conferences are one of the most valuable ways to learn, share and be inspired as a professional. To that end, I've added a resource section for Conferences and Meetings, with a couple of conferences to start things off. Please feel free to suggest others!

11-13 March 2013 | Global Legal Skills Conference 8 | San Jose, Costa Rica

The program hasn't been posted yet, but registration is open here.

I went to this conference last year and had a great time. While not every session was related to legal writing, all of them had useful methods, activities and theories for teaching international law students.

20-23 March 2013 | TESOL 2013 International Convention & English Language Expo | Dallas, Texas

Although TESOL technically stands for "teachers of English to speakers of other languages," the title is interpreted liberally, and the convention includes sessions for educators teaching students, in various contexts and at all levels, whose mother tongue is not English.

I've chosen a few sessions that I think would be most relevant; you can view my itinerary here [PDF]. Of course, there are many other sessions to choose from.

The Convention website is here.

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